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Based upon the initial concept of transferring academic knowledge into valuable industrial applications, NovAliX is a private company owned by its executive management, scientific founders and employees and located near Strasbourg (France).

After two decades of delivering excellent outcomes in chemistry and biophysics for our clients, NovAliX has become a trusted provider of expert services to partners ranging from virtual companies to global players.

NovAliX can provide a valuable extension to the in-house capabilities of our partners, from biopharmaceutical companies to venture capital firms, by forging creative alliances tailored to individual needs. NovAliX has pioneered the concept and practice of insourcing in Europe, has engaged in risk-sharing collaborations with biotechnology investors, and has also formed an alliance with a major pharmaceutical company to co-develop DNA-encoded library technology.

Academic spinoffs Novalyst Discovery and AliX
Combining chemistry and biophysics Merger of Novalyst Discovery and AliX to form NovAliX
Insourcing Pioneering colocated research collaborations
Cryo-EM In-house joint facility with Thermo Fisher Scientific
DNA-encoded libraries Technology alliance with major pharmaceutical company
Drug Discovery expansion Guy Ourisson Research Campus


We have cohesive management team, with a blend of scientific, entrepreneurial and operational expertise. The team is passionate about the interplay between industry and science and is convinced that CROs have a growing role in the discovery of new medicines.

Stephan Jenn

Stephan Jenn


Stephan met inspirational people from the life science and venture capital industries while attending the Wharton Business School and co-founded NovAliX shortly after his return to France in 2002.
Denis Zeyer

Denis Zeyer


Earned his PhD from Strasbourg University and was trained as a protein crystallographer at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology by NovAliX co-founders D. Moras and J.P. Renaud.
Christophe Dubost

Christophe Dubost


Christophe graduated from ESSEC Business School with a venture and entrepreneurial background before joining NovAliX in 2010.
Julien Marin

Julien Marin

BU Director, Chemistry

Julien earned his PhD in chemistry from Strasbourg University and a Master’s degree from HEC Paris. He completed his post-doctoral training with S. Hanessian in Montreal and joined NovAliX in 2006.
Florence Donadini

Florence Donadini

Director, Human Resources

Florence is an all-round specialist in human resources. She trained at EM Business School in Strasbourg. Before joining, Florence was HR Director for a well-known manufacturer of sport equipment.
Jérôme Guillemont

Jérôme Guillemont

BU Director, Drug Discovery

Jérôme brings a wealth of experience in drug discovery with more than thirty years in pharmaceutical companies, working in numerous drug candidates. Jérôme's work has delivered two  and has been widely recognized by the scientific community.

Xavier Espanel

Xavier Espanel

BU Director, Biology and Biophysics

PhD in molecular and cellular biology at ENS Lyon. Followed a post-doc training at Mount Sinaï School of Medicine and Merck Sereno. Experienced in pharma and biotech companies, joined NovAliX in 2017

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