World day of health and safety 2021

On the United Nation’s World day of Safety and Health at Work we would like to celebrate great chemists like Mathilde, who we must protect if they are exposed to chemical hazards when discovering new molecules for therapeutic purposes. Synthesizing this type of molecules is not always an easy task, and in many cases, it is necessary to perform critical experiments. Chemical hazards accounts for nearly 43% of risks assessed at NovAliX. 

Risk management involves the study and implementation of numerous preventive measures, the use of collective protective equipment and training of scientists. A key approach to risk prevention beyond regulatory compliance is awareness of employees to comply with good laboratory practices and specific implemented procedures. 

At NovAliX, risk management is taken very seriously. It is a continuous process to improve constantly safety procedures, train scientists to minimize hazards associated with carrying out experimental research work. 

This way, Mathilde managed to reach her molecule without taking any risk. Her molecule could perhaps serve to protect the health of others without compromising her own. 

Special thanks for their collaboration to this post to Véronique and Mathilde.