NovAliX Scientific presentation at EuroPrep 2024

NovAliX took part in the first edition of EuroPrep in Strasbourg, France, last January 25 and 26, 2024. EuroPrep aims at sharing recent developments and best practices across all topics related to purification within industry in Europe. An ideal opportunity for the NovAliX Analytical and Purification team to network with other European preparative chromatographers and experienced scientists.

‘Large scale purification with glass column chromatography’

Cyril Henry, Research Associate Analysis & Purification, held a great scientific talk entitled ‘Large scale purification with glass column chromatography’.

Cyril Henry has had a long career in research and development. He spent a few years working in food hygiene, researching contaminants in foodstuffs (food supply) entering France. Then he worked for 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry at Janssen, part of which was spent in pharmacokinetics and bioanalysis, to work on drug discovery later finally in the department of purification and analysis.
Since 2020, he has been practicing the same activity within NovAliX. The common thread is HPLC, mainly by reverse phase, with solid experience in this field, both in preparative chromatography , analytical HPLC/UPLC .

Abstract of the presentation

In our lab when we purify a big amount of compound (over 500 mg) we often screen SFC conditions. This technology is perfectly design for this kind of work. In our case, the challenge is to purify diastereoisomers and regioisomers.
In this talk, you will see how this process could be not the best and how the reverse phase brings interesting results.

NovAliX Analysis and Purification team at EuroPrep 2024

NovAliX Analysis & Purification team at EuroPrep 2024

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