By conviction NovAliX is a faithful supporter of the “Fondation pour la Recherche en Chimie” from Strasbourg University. We believe that philanthropy is a concrete way to act; our causes, science, education and entrepreneurship. Here, in support of scientific demographics, our contributions fund scholarships for Master’s students, selected on the basis of excellence of their results and on social criteria. We had the pleasure of meeting some of them who came to speak and exchange at our premises.  All of them are now at the end of their thesis or already hold a doctorate. They told us how these scholarships had changed their daily lives, how by improving their living conditions, they had worked better, gained confidence and better lived their student days.

These young people were bright, lively, vibrant and full of enthusiasm.

They thanked us but the pleasure was ours, their interest in science, their appetite for life as they embarked on their scientific journey was our joy and our reward.

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