Organic Process Research and Development Conference 2023

NovAliX was present at 50th Organic Process Research & Development Conference (OPR&D) in Barcelona, Spain, from 2nd to 4th October 2023.
Highlighting cutting-edge scientific technologies in process chemistry, this conference facilitates networking between chemists, chemical engineers in industry and heads of departments.

Organized by Scientific Update Ltd, Organic Process Research & Development Conference 2023 celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Conferences on process development dealt with scientific content:

  • 2nd generation processes in Osimertinib
  • challenges for process chemistry in the 21st Century
  • development of a process to manufacture Psilocybin
  • case studies
  • modelling a continuous process in heterogeneous mixture across a series of CTRs
  • digitizing process development at Boehringer Ingelheim
  • and much more…

Conclusions and remarks

Back from Organic Process Research & Development Conference after a truly great week, we are very happy to share our thoughts and remarks  below.

  • In the first day session, Dr Kai Rossen (OPRD Editor-in-Chief of OPRD, Germany) gave an extraordinary lecture on ‘Challenges for Process Chemistry in the 21st Century’. He highlighted the importance of process chemist awareness of environmental impact on chemical production (including raw materials burden evaluation). His point was illustrated with meaningful examples: how innovative thinking can provide solutions to improve the process footprints, how green metrics should be considered with care…
  • Then we also noted the talk from Oliver Ring (ASTRA-ZENECA, Sweden), enthralled us with his talk on ‘Total Synthesis of AZD5991 from a process chemistry perspective’. He presented a comprehensive route scouting review towards the scale-up synthesis of a highly challenging macrocycle containing 4 (hetero)aromatic rings. In addition to modern synthetic methods, highly original old-fashioned chemistry for pyrazole ring formation and selective naphthalene functionalization resulted in an impressive reduction in synthesis length and increased efficiency.
  • Last but not least Dr Jamie McCabe Dunn from MERCK, USA, held a session dealing with the ‘Development of a process towards MK-7845 as an investigational treatment for Covid-19’.  The potential of a bunch of interesting transformations such as Claisen condensation under flow condition or an original diastereoselective Ugi reaction to access a chiral bicyclic proline was harnessed to afford a scalable synthesis of the requested API despite considerable time pressure.

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