NovAliX seminars in Japan, February 2024

NovAliX’s team at our Tokyo subsidiary organized a series of seminars tailored to the Japanese pharmaceutical industry on February 6 and 7, 2024. We were delighted to welcome many participants to two exclusive sessions held at the French Embassy in Tokyo and Osaka.

Insightful presentations were delivered by Dr. Denis Zeyer, CEO, Marco Pintore, SVP – Business Development & Marketing, and Daisuke Tanaka, Senior Director of Business Development in Japan. Their discussions on the advanced use of biophysics and cryo-electron microscopy for characterizing membrane proteins, alongside innovative strategies for PROTAC development using DEL technology, fostered significant interaction and knowledge exchange among participants.

This event highlighted the strong demand for customized solutions for complex projects, an area where our capabilities in Japan are perfectly aligned with market needs.

Our NovAliX seminars in Japan in February 2024

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