As part of our series of Scientific sessions, we have had the pleasure of receiving in our headquarters Dr. Arseniyadis from Queen Mary University of London to share with us his latest results in developing new synthetic tools for chemists with a particular focus on asymmetric palladium- and DNA-based catalysis.

We have seen how in recent years there has been notable progress in the use of DNA’s inherent chirality in catalytic processes. Dr. Arseniyadis’ group at Queen Mary University of London in collaboration with Pr. Michael Smietana’s group from the University of Montpellier set the challenge of turning this concept into an attractive and useful synthetic tool by developing new catalytic systems that promote highly enantioselective reactions. Of particular interest are the efforts devoted to the rational design of the catalysts and the development of new reaction manifolds.

We want to thank Dr. Arseniyadis for his visit and the contagious enthusiasm to push the barriers of bio-inspired catalysis. At NovAliX we believe that excellence comes through innovation and the accomplishments of the Arseniyadis lab are a truly inspiring example.

Arseniyadis Lab


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