Novalix Science talks with Dr Matthias Frech

NovAliX launched its new series of internal “Science talks” with Matthias Frech, PhD, at its Strasbourg site on September 28, 2023.

Dr Matthias Frech, former Department Head of Molecular Interaction and Biophysics at Merck Healthcare KGaA, is a world-renowned, leading expert in Biosciences. His seminar entitled “Biophysics in Drug Discovery: the Present and the Future“ highlighted how biophysical methods shaped the drug discovery landscape up to now.

Especially in the early phase of drug discovery, biophysical methods have a tremendous impact on the selection of chemical matter to start optimization. In fact, a state of the art drug discovery could be hardly imagined without the application of biophysics. In the past we have seen how successfully the  fragment screening was supported by biophysical methods.

In addition Biophysics was the driver to understand binding signatures, whether kinetics or thermodynamics, and implementing these ideas into modern drug discovery programs.

The seminar covered several drug discovery programs and focused on the impact of biophysical methods.

More than 150 NovAliX participants attended this first ‘Science Talks’ both face-to-face and remotely.

Many thanks to Dr Frech for his wonderful talk. His deep experiential knowledge provides a useful guideline and a clearer path forward to those involved in preclinical research. The talk was highly appreciated by scientists at NovAliX. We wish him all the best for his future adventures.

From left to right: Dr. Jean-Paul Renaud, NovAliX founder; Dr. Denis Zeyer, NovAliX CEO; Dr. Matthias Frech, Head of Molecular Interaction and Biophysics at Merck Healthcare KGaA; Dr. Renaud Morales, Associate Director Biophysics at NovAliX; Dr. Henry Kim, Head of SPR platform at NovAliX

More information about our biophysical platform here