Meet NovAliX in April 2024

Meet NovAliX in conferences in April 2024, a busy month with a wide range of key congresses worldwide! Our scientific and business development team will attend the following events, they will be at your disposal to set up a meeting and discuss your therapeutic projects.

EFMC-ACSMEDI Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers

  • Utrecht, the Netherlands, from April 8 to 11
  • Meet Dr Lutz Paessens, Associate Director Business Development DACH

This joint symposium on medicinal chemistry gathers experts, researchers and early career trainees in drug discovery and development, medicinal and synthetic chemists, together with scientists active in the fields of computer assisted drug design, biology, DMPK, pharmacology, and early toxicology.

In-Cosmetics Global

  • Paris, France, from April 16 to 18
  • Meet Céline Victor, Associate Director Business Development Cosmetics, flavors, fragrances and ingredients, and Viviane Brel, PhD, Associate Director in vitro Pharmacology

This global eventfor personal care ingredients is dedicated to the cosmetics industry: personal care creators, suppliers of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing or regulatory solutions.

4th Swedish Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

  • Stockholm, Sweden, from April 17 to 18
  • Meet Dr Lutz Paessens, Associate Director Business Development DACH

This first biennal event on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery in Sweden focuses on recent advances in drug discovery research in academia and industry. It highlights novel concepts used in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, including recent case stories.

Cosmofarma Exhibition

  • Bologne, Italy, from April 19 to 21
  • Meet Massimiliano Dal Rio, Business Development Manager South Europe, to discuss your pharmaceutical and health care projects

This event is entirely dedicated to the health care and beauty care sectors, as well as to all pharmacy-related services.

Swiss Biotech Day

  • Basel, Switzerland, from April 22 to 23
  • Meet our business team: Anne De Villeroché, Associate Director Business Development, and Anne Pecquery, Director Business Development Drug Discovery and Pharmacology

This biotechnology conference for professionals from the global life sciences community is organized by the Swiss Biotech Association.

Biophysics for Drug Discovery Summit

  • Boston, MA, USA, from April 22 to 24
  • Meet Frank Moffatt, Senior Director Business Development, and Renaud Moralès, Associate Director Biophysics

This Biophysics for Drug Discovery Summit is the place-to-be for biopharma industry. It deals with biophysical techniques, hit characterisation, lead selection and early drug discovery process.


  • London, UK, from April 23 to 24
  • Meet Alessandro Taddei, Director Business Development Drug Discovery

This conference for the life sciences industry includes partnering areas and presentations for R&D, Big Pharma, investors and service providers.

19th BioPharma Drug Discovery Nexus

  • Basel, Switzerland, from April 25 to 26
  • Meet Dr Lutz Paessens, Associate Director Business Development DACH

This conference explores the cutting-edge advancements in drug discovery. It offers invaluable insights from identifying and validating novel targets through human-centric AI to the revolutionary potential of cell and gene therapy.

Fics 2024 (French Industrial Chemistry Symposium)

This one-day symposium will gather scientists involved in sustainable chemistry with applications ranging from pharmaceutics, agrochemicals, to perfumes, and more.