Teams celebrate NovAliX 20th anniversary

It has been 20 years since two spin-offs emerged from the Strasbourg University. Novalyst Discovery, founded by chemist Alain Wagner and Stephan Jenn, and AliX Pharma founded by Jean Paul Renaud, a crystallographer along with seven other academic scientists.

These two young promising companies grew thanks to the great efforts of their first employees and gave rise to NovAliX in 2009.

And that was only 20 years ago, 20 years already. There have been many ups and downs, but we have always bounced back, and moved forward. Few could imagine that we would be where we are today and, in fact, it is not the least pleasure to contemplate the journey we have made, because we started from nothing, literally.

We would like to thank the vast team that NovAliX represents today with more than 200 collaborators in five different countries for the effort and dedication they put into their daily work. The enthusiasm with which they develop their projects and the human quality that is the standard of our group.

We would also like to thank our clients and partners, especially those who believed in us from the beginning and many others.

And now, the adventure continues, the ambition and will are intact, we have formed a solid group, we want to take it even further.

In short, thanks to all of you. We came from nothing and we want to shine industrially and scientifically, we will succeed.

Wishing you all a bright 2023 where the story will continue!