Meet NovAliX at Proventa Strategy Meetings West Coast.

After the East Coast series, join NovAliX at Proventa Strategy Meetings West Coast 2024 events. Organized by Proventa International, these 2 events will take place in San Diego, CA, USA.

May 21, Drug Discovery Biology & Bioinformatics

May 22, Medicinal Chemistry

Gathering with professionals from across West Coast in San Diego is a pivotal opportunity to elevate the company’s mission and explore new pathways for growth and forge impactful relationships.

If you are also attending the Proventa strategy meetings, do not hesitate to contact us to set a meeting and catch up with our key opinion leader:

Dr Frank Moffatt, Senior Director Business Development

Looking for a partnership to develop therapeutic projects? Discover some of our services in Drug Discovery, Chemistry, Biophysics and Biology, Pharmacology & DMPK.