NovAliX at Protein Structure Determination in Industry 2023

Meet NovAliX at Protein Structure Determination in Industry meeting in Cambridge, UK, from November 12 to 14! Our team of experts will be present on booth No.13 at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton Cambridge.

Integrating single-particle Cryo-electron microscopy and hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry to elucidate the structure and dynamics of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)

Do not miss the poster session on Sunday, November 12!

Fabrice Ciesielski, Associate Director Structural Biology, and Brice Murciano, Cryo-EM Project Manager, shared some recent work from the NovAliX Structural Biology and Biophysics departments demonstrating the powerful integrated Cryo-EM and HDX-MS workflow.

The TGR 5 structure has been successfully elucidated at an exceptionally high resolution, revealing the binding site of the ligand P 395. Moreover, we managed to resolve a flexible domain that is visible for the very first time. This observation aligns with the high quality HDX MS data we have gathered.
Collectively, these data provide invaluable insights into the dynamics of TGR 5 and can potentially be extrapolated to shed light on various G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and, more broadly, other proteins. NovAliX has played a pivotal role in producing all these proteins, generating quantities and qualities compatible with our research methods.

About the PSDI meeting

Organized jointly by the EMBL-EBI and GSK, supported by Hg3 Conferences, this 31st meeting will focus on specific themes such as:

  • Beyond purified protein
  • Integration of data across techniques

An exhaustive program of workshops and conferences will be presented. Among the major topics, note the workshops below:

  • ‘Computing for Protein Structure Determination in Industry’
  • ‘Advances and innovation getting sample onto grids: MS soft-landing, time resolved EM, automated vitrification’
  • ‘Structural Biology across Modalities’
  • ‘Synergy of Structural & Computational Approaches’
  • ‘Resolving Dynamics’
  • ‘The Future?’
  • Case studies
  • Meet the exhibitors’ sessions

Our NovAliX team at Protein Structure Determination in Industry 2023

Visit our booth No.13 to get to know our NovAliX team! We will be delighted to present you our service offering in drug discovery. Just contact our commercial and scientific experts present during the whole conference:
Aleksandar Stefanovic, Director Business Development, Structural Biology & IBRB (Institut de Biophysique pour la Recherche Biomédicale) to set a meeting and catch up!
Fabrice Ciesielski, Associate Director Structural Biology
Brice Murciano, Cryo-EM Project Manager

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