NovAliX at pharmacology events in June 2024

Meet NovAliX in pharmacology events in June 2024. Our scientific and business development team will attend the following conferences. They will be at your disposal to discuss your therapeutic projects.

37th Congress of AFH

  • Saint-Malo, France, from June 12 to 14
  • Laetitia Perret, Scientist Histology, will present a poster entitled: “DSS-induced model of IBD with intestinal fibrosis” on June 12.

Abstract: Inflammatoryboweldiseases (IBD), Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are disorders characterized by a chronic relapsing-remitting inflammation of gastrointestinal tract with an important role of intestinal barrier function in the initiation and perpetuation of the disease. A pathological hallmark of active IBD is a strong migration of neutrophilic granulocytes (polymorphonuclear leukocytes; PMN) into the mucosa, which can be characteristically found in the lamina propria and in the epithelial layer in IBD disease. Consequently, increased and deregulated PMN recruitment and over-activation have been accused to contribute to tissue damage in chronic inflammatory disorders and are key pathological features of both human IBD and experimental colitis diseases. The aim of the present study was to characterize intestinal pathology and therapeutic efficacy of a TGF-β type I receptor inhibitor (ALK5i) in a chronic Dextran Sulfate Sodium (DSS)-induced mouse model of IBD. Development of new IBD preclinical models and improved ways to generate clinically relevant histopathological readouts can contribute to the identification of new mechanism of actions involved in IBD progression for which new treatments could be developed.

The French Histotechnology Association (AFH) is in charge of the organization of this congress.

EULAR 2024

  • Vienna, Austria, from June 12 to 15
  • Meet Anne Pecquery, Director Business Development Drug Discovery and Pharmacology, and Anne G., PhD, Associate Director in vivo Pharmacology.

This European Congress of Rheumatology will include a forum gathering medical, scientific, educational and health professionals involved in rheumatology. It is organized by the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology. The Congress enables networking and social exchange in order to achieve progress in the clinical care of people suffering from rheumatic diseases. It attracts more than 18,000 delegates from 130 countries worldwide.

ECM2024: the extracellular matrix Pharmacology Congress

  • Copenhagen, Denmark, from June 17 to 19
  • Meet Anne Pecquery, Director Business Development Drug Discovery and Pharmacology,

The 2nd ECM2024 is centered around fibro-inflammatory diseases, target discovery and drug development. It will gather international researchers and industry experts from different disease areas: kidney, liver, lund, cardiovascular, metabolic cancer (tumor fibrosis), skin, and immunology. Exploring the latest advancements in research and pharmacology, it is organized by the International Society of Extracellular Matrix Pharmalogy and the congress secretariat CAP Partner.