July 5th, 2023 – Strasbourg, France. NovAliX took part in the French Industrial Chemistry Symposium (FICS) held in Strasbourg. Organized by the Industrial Chemistry Division within the French Chemical Society, this first one-day regional event gathered scientists from a wide range of sectors (pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, polymers, materials etc).

The symposium aims at networking industrials and academia with students in the chemistry field. Dr Michel Obringer, Associate Director for DNA-Encoded Libraries (DEL), presented an overview of this tool for drug discovery.

As a key player within the chemistry environment, NovAliX hold a conference on “DNA-Encoded Library (DEL), a new paradigm in drug discovery”.
DNA-Encoded libraries (DELs) represent an adaptable and powerful tool which associates combinatorial chemistry and the power of DNA encoding. Each small-molecule synthesized is covalently linked to an unique DNA sequence or barcode, enabling millions of compounds to be screened simultaneously. The technique is applicable to different target classes and allows the identification of small-molecule ligands with instant SAR information. DEL will further evolve in the coming years thanks to novel on-DNA chemistry, biology developments, machine learning and AI. The presentation focused on a typical case study, from the design and the production of a library to its screening against a target of interest.

Interested in chemistry or looking for more details on DEL?