Denis Zeyer, PhD, CEO of NovAliX, holds a lecture at EMBL Industry Workshop in Heidelberg on January 29, 2024.

NovAliX will take part in the second edition of the EMBL Industry Workshop in Heidelberg, Germany.
This workshop aims to bring the academic and industrial cryo-EM communities together to evaluate how the use of cryo-EM has developed 10 years on from the “cryo-EM resolution revolution”. The meeting will showcase high-quality research in academia and industry. It will also provide updates on recent and ongoing methodological developments.

Dr Denis Zeyer, NovAliX CEO, will hold a lecture entitled “From implementing cryo-EM to effectively supporting structure-based drug design: a 8-year journey at NovAliX” on January 29, 2024.


Cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM) is now a key technology in the field of structural biology, offering sufficient resolution for its application in structure-based drug design. This encompasses both small molecule therapeutics and biologics development. Ten years ago, the publication of the first high-resolution structures sparked debate about its potential impact and adoption by the pharmaceutical industry. Today, cryo-EM has become an indispensable complement to X-ray crystallography, particularly for acquiring structures of difficult targets such as membrane proteins and multi-protein complexes that are resistant to crystallization.

This presentation will guide you through a decade-long evolution, from the establishment of a cryo-EM facility at Novalix. We’ll recount the crucial moments in the capture of high-resolution structures, and look at the integral role cryo-EM currently plays in our drug discovery efforts, while providing a glimpse of its potential future applications.

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