Poster presentation at EFMC ASMC 2023 by Matthieu Jeanty

September 3-7, 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia. NovAliX will be present at the IX International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry EFMC-ASMC 2023. Organized jointly by the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and the Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section of the Croatian Chemical Society, this event brings together chemists from industry, academia and companies worldwide.

NovAliX will take part in the poster session and our team will be present on stand number 13 during the event.

Poster session on September 5

Dr Matthieu Jeanty, Associate Director for Synthetic Chemistry, will present a poster entitled “New N-Heterocyclic Bicyclic Scaffolds via a Photocatalyzed Minisci Reaction/Cyclization Sequence“. The poster was issued with co-authors Marie Auvray, Philippe Jubaut and Thomas Poisson (all from Normandie University, INSA Rouen, France).

In pharmaceutical research, access to original heterocyclic scaffolds remains a major challenge. Indeed, they constitute molecular structures with unique chemical and biophysical properties. They are also innovative molecular frameworks on which various chemical functionalities can be grafted and are therefore pivotal structures for drug discovery.[1]  

Beyond originally, specific attention is currently drawn on the reduction of the large degree of flatness due to the recurrent inclusion of standard aromatic rings. Aromatic rings reduction or inclusion of spiro centers are among the prime tools for increasing the three-dimensionality of potential drug candidates.

The goal was to develop a short and practical sequence to get access to original C-sp3 enriched bicyclic scaffolds, bearing functional groups as starting points for further decorations.

We developed a sequence based photocatalytic Minisci reaction[2][3] / Deprotection / Cyclization applicable on a large panel of heterocycles. More than 15 original N-heterocycles were isolated, as new building blocks for drug discovery programs.

[1] Campos K. R. et al., The importance of synthetic chemistry in pharmaceutical industry. Science 2019, 363

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