June 10-13, 2023 – NovAliX were present at the ACSMEDI-EFMC congress held in Boston. During these 3 days, a distinguished line-up of speakers has presented their latest results and the emerging trends in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery that they follow.

Chemical modulation of RNA, PROTAC and Proximity-inducing molecules have been well covered during academic and pharmaceutical presentations. The talk from Prof Craig Crews from Yale university was of great interest. Prof Crew’s research is well known for their work on the field of “Targeted Protein Degradation”, at very well known area in drug development today.

Prof Crews showed us that by designing novel hetero-bifunctional small molecules called Regulated Induced Proximity Targeting Chimeras or RIPTACs, which elicit a stable ternary complex between a target protein selectively expressed in cancer tissue and a pan-expressed protein essential for cell survival he can induce cell death selectively in cells expressing the target protein.

His work paves the way for new modality as it has the advantage of not requiring the target to be a driver of disease.

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