Since 2016, NovAliX and ThermoFisher Scientific have been collaborating in developing CryoEM solutions to enable drug discovery programs of pharma and biotech companies.

The number of Cryo-EM successful applications in drug discovery programs is rapidly increasing. Thanks to this new program companies will have access to various packages allowing to enter into Cryo-EM.

The Starter Kit allows to apply cryo-EM screening to determine if their sample is suitable for Cryo-EM 3D reconstruction. The Explore package allows to go further on the Cryo-EM workflow to high resolution structure.

“This program will accelerate and democratize the use of cryo-EM by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The simple and efficient organization of the program allows customers to quickly and seamlessly integrate the use of cryo-EM in their research programs,” said Denis Zeyer, Chief Executive Officer of NovAliX.

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