NovAliX is committed to promoting science among college girls.

NovAliX has always been involved in promoting science, not only among young students, but especially among girls. Two scientists at NovAliX were recently involved as ambassadors for women in science.

Women in Science Day in Strasbourg

The ‘Femmes & Sciences association’, together with INSA Strasbourg and IESF (Engineers and Scientists in France), organized a joint action entitled ‘Science, a women’s profession’, held for the first time in Strasbourg on March 15, 2024. Dedicated to the promotion of science amongst school girls, it gathered students from several colleges. It aimed at reminding that women and girls play a critical role in science and technology communities. Conferences and discussion workshops helped to educate and engage girls to scientific professions.

Two NovAliX ambassadors exchanged with young college girls to detail their education and science careers :

Congratulations to the organizers for this successful event, marking a call to action for accelerating women’s presence in science. College teachers unanimously confirmed that the 38 ambassadors’ testimonials had inspired, reassured and boosted their students.

Thank you to Julia and Anna, and to all the NovAliX ambassadors at all our sites worldwide for their daily involvement towards students.

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