novalix-Justine Wanner GPCRs

Membrane proteins are privileged therapeutic targets representing about 40% currently marketed drugs, but GPCRs remain particularly challenging and competitive. The continuous development of in-house knowledge and expertise is essential. 

For Justine, studying at the School of Engineering in Biotechnology (ESBS, Illkirch) and in parallel a master’s degree in pharmaceutical biotechnology (Faculty of Pharmacy, Illkirch)—with a specialization in bioproduction, this subject is a very formative experience for her. Justine’s internship focuses on new approaches for preparing GPCRs that are suitable for structural determination using cryo-electron microscopy. This experience will improve her knowledge and skills in sample preparation, structural biology, and biophysical techniques—such as protein X-ray crystallography and mass spectrometry.  

“I am learning to design specific protocols based on publications and adapting them according to my results; also, I am increasing my knowledge of different purification strategies, performing them almost autonomously, which is particularly enriching for me.”  

Commented, Justine. 

We warmly welcome and support Justine’s start as a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry. Certainly, it will be a fruitful experience for all.

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Special thanks to Justine Wanner and Gilbert Bey for their contributions to this post.

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