Milan, June 5-7, 2023. NovAliX at International Oligonucleotides and Peptides Conference – IOPC 2023 (

Pierre Rieber project manager in DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) is currently overseeing the production of smart-DEL libraries taking the benefits of novel 3D building blocks that will enrich DEL chemical space. Dr. Rieber is also focused on the development of the next generation of on-DNA chemical transformation at NovAliX

DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) represent an adaptable and powerful tool for the discovery of small-molecule ligands for targets of biological interest including proteins or oligonucleotides. The DNA-Encoded Libraries technology (DEL-Tec) brings together the fields of combinatorial chemistry and molecular biology. Each small-molecule synthesized is covalently linked to an unique DNA sequence or barcode that allows the simultaneous screening of millions of compounds. The success of DEL-Tec hinges on expanding the structural diversity of DELs, which requires the availability of requisite building blocks and chemical transformations that can be performed in aqueous media without altering the DNA integrity.

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