With the aim to strenghten the connection between biophysicists and medicinal chemists from Europe and Asia, you are invited to share your results in Kyoto for the first Asian Edition of the NovAliX Conference!


Abstract submission is now open! 8 oral communications will be selected by the Scientific Committee, while the other accepted abstracts will get the opportunity to be presented as posters.

  • Deadline for oral communication submission is September 16.
  • From September 17 to October 2 included, poster submission is still open, but subject to the prior payment of 6500 JPY  handling fees (about 50 euro).

Please note that your registration is required to access abstract submission, but payment is not mandatory at this stage.


The Scientific Programme will cover current hot topics including cryo-EM, a rapidly evolving field distinguished by the 2017 Chemistry Nobel Prize, and its use in drug discovery. The other sessions will soon be defined by the Scientific Committee and will include recent technological developments and hot therapeutic targets.

The 7th edition of the conference intends again to bring together biophysicists and medicinal chemists. The synergy between their disciplines is indeed crucial to optimally exploit the wealth of new modalities and potential new therapeutic targets in order to address more unmet medical needs, as illustrated by the spectacular development of PROTAC™s that target previously undruggable proteins.

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