Making the move from academia to a scientific career in industry can be a real puzzle for those who have just finished their studies in research careers with traditionally academic paths and the consequent difficulty to start a professional career in research in industry.

At NovAliX we want to support students to take this first step by providing them with a first contact with the industry. Thus, we have the pleasure to host for a few months Alexandre Pierrat. Passionate about rugby and video games, Alexandre is in his third year of chemical engineering studies at the European School of Chemical Engineering, Polymers and Materials Science (ECPM) in Strasbourg. Alexandre joined the ECPM after two years of scientific preparation classes at the Lycée Joffre in Montpellier.

His interest in pharmaceutical research and the discovery of new molecules with therapeutic properties made him choose organic chemistry as his specialization.

This is a great opportunity to discover the work in industry. I will learn a lot of practical tips and increase my chemistry knowledge.

Alexandre Pierrat, ECPM Strasbourg. Chemical engineer student intern at NovAliX

During these months at the NovAliX research center in Val de Reuil, Alexandre will work on electrochemistry, a growing area as an atom-economic and more sustainable reaction platform. The work will focus on the generation of aminal intermediates under electrochemical oxidation – a key precursor toward original N-based fragments via C-H functionalization. In addition, this project would provide access to new sp3-rich functionalized scaffolds that can be used to enrich our encoded DNA library with original fragments.

We would like to warmly welcome him and support his start as a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry. It will certainly be an enriching experience for both parties. 

If you want to know more about what it’s like to work with us visit “Life at NovAliX

Special thanks to Huges Prevet, Alexandre Pierrat and Cédric Catala for their contributions to this post.