Jean Paul Renaud and Denis Zeyer at NovAliX Virtual Conference Biophysics in Drug Discovery 2020

The 1st virtual edition of the NovAliX Conference “Biophysics in Drug Discovery” took place last Oct 28th. This event brought together 820 participants from more than 50 different countries from all continents, with more than a half from industry.

The conference started with a brief introduction from conference chairman Jean-Paul Renaud who highlighted the key role that biophysics plays in accelerating drug discovery programs. The first talk was given by Maria M. Flocco, Global Head of Structure, Biophysics and Fragment-Based Lead Generation at AstraZeneca. Maria made a great overview on how the biophysics toolbox is helping AstraZeneca move forward their early-stage programs with a focus on SPR.

Our president Stephan Jenn gave an overview of the latest news about NovAliX, including the expansion of chemistry capabilities with a highlight on medicinal chemistry offer but also the launch of an in-house fully automated DNA-encoded libraries platform.

Prof. Holger Stark, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry Göttingen delivered a great didactic talk on atomic-resolution structure determination of large biomolecules by cryo-EM. Pointing the question on how far we can go and where the limits are on data interpretation with regard to X-ray crystallography.

Denis Zeyer, NovAliX CEO, provided an update on the latest news about the NovAliX cryo-EM platform.

Finally, MariJean Eggen, Director – RNA Therapeutics at Eli Lilly, gave an overview on biophysics in drug discovery from a medicinal chemistry perspective. MariJean shared results that teams at Lilly obtained in three different projects.

We had a wonderful time and would like to thank the audience for their highly dynamic participation with many questions and comments.

The next NovAliX conferences will again be virtual events, with a first one in March and another one scheduled for participants from the Asia – Pacific area in November.

See you virtually at the next NovAliX Conference !

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