Starting date: ASAP

Type of contract: Permanent

Location: Strasbourg, FRANCE

Job offer: Project manager junior in structural biology (M/F)

Job description

You will join one of the team of the structural biology department dedicated to structural studies of various protein targets. Thanks to your previous experiences in the field, you will help to manage structural projects from gene design to structure using recombinant proteins produced in various hosts (bacteria, insect and mammalian cells). Structural biology technics used to study these purified proteins (alone or in complex with small molecules or other partners) will mainly include X-ray crystallography and Cryo-EM but could also involve other biophysics technics available in NovAliX such as SPR, MS/HDX-MA, MST, TSA, ….

Under the supervision of a senior scientist, you will:

  • Manage either internal or customer’s protein studies, from plasmids design to structure determination.
  • Design, plan and carry out protein purification and crystallization experiments.
  • Participate in X-ray data collection and processing until final structure refinement.
  • Interact with the other members of the team and of the structural biology department by sharing your expertise and your experiments in the field thanks to your good communication skills.
  • Actively participate in the life, functioning and development of the team.
  • Troubleshoot experimental issues.
  • Interact with customers in accordance with standards and guidelines of NovAliX.
  • Provide oral and written accurate reports/presentations internally or externally.
  • Interact with experts of other NovAliX departments as In vitro pharmacology and Biophysics (SPR, MS, HDX-MS, NMR, and more).


You should have a PhD in life science, structural biology, biochemistry, or any other related area. You should master protein production and purification as well as crystallization technics and methods. Some practical & theoretical knowledge in X-ray data collection and processing and structure determination will be highly valuable.

The candidate should have 2-3 years experiences in the field of structural study of recombinant protein using X-ray crystallography.

We are seeking a person with good communication skills and has a good level in English (writing and speaking).

We are seeking an enthusiastic scientist, enjoying bench work, who has a keen sense of responsibility and who is able to work independently as well as in a team environment in experimental execution and data analysis. The candidate is expected to be highly rigorous, team-player, organized and capable of multitasking in an environment with changing priorities.

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