Starting date: ASAP

Type of contract: Permanent


Job offer: Project Manager in Mass Spectrometry (M/F)

Job description

You will be joining the Biophysics Department, providing support for pre-clinical projects.

Working under the supervision of the MS Platform Manager, your responsibilities will encompass:

  • Scoping and managing Structural Mass Spectrometry projects (HDX-MS, Native MS…) for our clients
  • Overseeing the mid-term management of the HDX platform
  • Being the main contact for clients within the scope of your assigned projects
  • Collaborating with internal experts (SPR, NMR, X-Ray, CryoEM, protein production, protein modelling…) to coordinate internal and external cross-functional studies.
  • Utilizing a comprehensive understanding of biophysics to advise customers.
  • Designing and conducting Native ESI-MS studies, including quality control under native and denaturing conditions, conducting binding studies on biomolecules (such as protein-ligand, protein-protein, or protein-nucleic acid), compound screening (covalent or non-covalent), and ranking binding affinities.
  • MS data analysis and interpretation
  • Implementing and enhancing our quality environment in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.
  • Preparation of protocols, SOPS and documentation of experiments
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance, technical development, and evaluation of novel applications
  • Written/oral reports on data and engaging in result discussions with clients.
  • Overseeing the training and development of laboratory staff, managing research associates
  • Communicate on ongoing tasks with the customers, BDs and other team members.   

We are looking for dynamic, autonomous, flexible and passionate Project Manager in Structural Mass Spectrometry or related fields to join the team of our Research Services Dpt.

Major requirements:

  • PhD in a relevant scientific discipline or relevant experience, strong expertise in structural MS/Biology
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience in Biopharma/CRO in MS field is an asset
  • Proficiency in characterizing biological molecules (Proteins, RNAs…)
  • Hands-on experience in sample preparation for MS, development and assessment of analytical methods (e.g. HDX, LC-MS/MS protein)
  • Proven ability in interpreting numerical data and fitting data to various models
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Self-organization capabilities, adeptness in teamwork and ability to prioritize multiple tasks
  • Knowledge of other biophysics techniques (e.g. SPR, MST, ITC, DLS, CryoEM, X-Ray…) would be much appreciated.
  • Experience in proteomics/Bioinformatics (Crosslink, identification, quantification…) would be also advantageous

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