This month our attention is turned into structural biology and the revolution on protein structure prediction. How machine learning can boost structural biology understanding? Twenty years after the human genome sequencing, AlphaFold revolutionizes the “3D fields” with the release of 350 000 models for almost all human proteins and 20 other organisms.

AlphaFold is probably the most significant contribution that artificial intelligence has made to advancing biologic knowledge. This open access database represents a big step towards in the understanding of the structure-function relationship and will have a huge impact on biochemists and structural biologists’ work. But most importantly, this work heralds a new era of conducting drug discovery programs.

The recently published Nature is critical to understand this revolution!

Jumper, J., Evans, R., Pritzel, A. et al. Highly accurate protein structure prediction with AlphaFold. Nature 596, 583–589 (2021).

Publisher: Nature

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