Advanced Collaborative Models

Creative deal structures to deliver performance and advance drug discovery projects

NovAliX research services are provided on a fee-for-service and full-time equivalent basis, including research and milestone fees.

NovAliX also considers alternative commercial structures, such as technology transfer, maturation programs and risk sharing alliances, with diverse partners, including biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical corporations, venture capital firms and technology transfer offices (TTOs).


Co-located research: a tool for reshaping organizations

For more than a decade, NovAliX has pioneered this highly effective collaborative model, in which our teams work in close proximity with our partners in a streamlined environment.

Insourcing is an excellent way to energize organizations by exploring and incorporating new expertise and research practices, and instilling a culture of change. Not only does insourcing enhance research productivity but also benefits the host organization.

Insourcing can also be coupled with outsourcing at NovAliX, combining flexibility in capacity management and operational efficiency with outsourced resources being coordinated by the insourcing team.

Insourcing with NovAliX is undoubtedly a tool of choice for shortening the supply chain and enhancing research productivity.


External support: adding external value to your projects

For nearly 20 years, NovAliX has provided flexible and cost-effective access to the finest expertise in chemistry, biology and biophysics.

Outsourcing projects to NovAliX means collaborating with a seasoned team of award-winning scientists, who combine the latest sciences with operational excellence to strategize, execute and deliver.

Outsourcing to NovAliX is a reliable way to achieve excellent results.

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