Flow Chemistry

Enable bold chemistry, fast and reliable scalability.

Flow chemistry is a powerful tool for process and discovery chemistry, which reduces the environmental footprint and enables hard-to-scale batch processes in a safe and innovative way.

  • Safe use of potentially hazardous chemical
    Organic azides | Diazomethane and diazonium| phosgene| organometallicreagents.
  • Advanced technologies
    Photoredox chemistry | Supported reagents/catalysts| Gas-liquid reaction.
  • Process control
    Automated regulation tools | Offline/online quantitative or qualitative analytical technologies.

NovAliX has partnered with the Center for Integrated Technology and Organic Synthesis (CiTOS), an expert academic group, and Alysophil, a company that integrates artificial intelligence with flow chemistry. We all share the same vision and work together to bring the most innovative solutions to our respective partners.

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