DNA-Encoded Libraries

Fully integrated and highly automated platform

DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) represent a novel and robust approach to hit identification and rapid lead generation that can provide access to a broad set of diverse chemotypes for a significantly lower cost than high-throughput screening (HTS). Currently, the number of DEL-enabled drug discovery programs continues to rise.

The fully integrated NovA-DEL platform, transferred from an alliance and license deal with a major pharmaceutical company, is built on the concept of capturing and tracking all experimental information as it is generated from library synthesis through affinity selection.

Upstream activities

Building upon years of experience, NovAliX chemists are developing the next generation of on-DNA chemical transformations utilizing novel 3D building blocks that will enrich DEL chemical space.

Chemoinformatic tools and algorithms are being developed for all stages of the process from library design to AI-assisted hit selection and expansion.

Libraries design & production

Library properties are used to design and produce smart-DELs that result in superior sampling of chemical space.

Automated library production, rigorous QC, and integrated software control maximize productivity and ensure NovAliX DELs are of the highest quality.

Screening & data analysis

The workflow and automation enable fast and cost-effective affinity selection using DELs.

Chemoinformatics generated structure affinity relationships (SAFIRs) identify high-value chemical series.

Hit confirmation

Off-DNA synthesis is performed by the NovAliX chemistry team for orthogonal validation of hits via the NovAliX biophysics platform.

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