Custom Synthesis

Two decades of excellence in organic synthesis

Final target compounds

Advanced intermediates

Small molecule libraries

Analytical standards

Reference compounds

Metabolites & impurities

NovAliX has worked with clients in the pharmaceutical industry for almost two decades and our award-winning chemistry team has delivered on numerous complex chemistry projects. Challenges that have been tackled include long multi-step syntheses, preparation of unstable substances and natural products with challenging scaffolds and stereochemistry.

Highly experienced teams of mainly PhD level scientists work in state-of-the-art laboratories and use powerful technologies such as continuous flow chemistry and preparative supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC).

Our highly productive nearshore facility out-competes Asia on quality and price.

  • Exclusive Focused Libraries
    Diversify your chemical assets, expand hits and explore structure-activity relationships with tailor-made libraries.

  • Custom Molecules
    Analytical standards, reference materials, impurities, metabolites, key intermediates and custom building blocks can be delivered to our clients’ specifications, in milligram to hundreds of gram quantities.

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