Structural Biology

Complementary technologies to address a wide diversity of targets

Discover our structural biology services:

  • Protein production
    Years of experience in protein production are the basis of a reliable gene to protein service. Our protein factory produces crystallographic grade recombinant protein.

    Learn more about our Protein Production Service
  • Protein X-Ray Crystallography
    NovAliX has successfully produced structures for many classes of protein and has world-leading expertise in nuclear hormone receptors (NHR).

    Learn more about our X-Ray Protein Crystallography Service.
  • Cryo-Electronic Microscopy
    Cryo-EM services provides high resolution structures for proteins that are not amenable to X-ray crystallography, for example ion channels and multi-protein complexes, such as proteasomes.
    Our Cryo-EM specialists will advise you how best to analyze samples to obtain the most valuable information.
    We offer several options, from custom projects to packages that include additional Cryo-EM training content.

    Learn more about our Cryo-Electron Microscopy laboratory and service.
  • NMR spectroscopy
    Structures of smaller proteins (< 30 kDa) that are not crystallizable are determined by NMR spectroscopy.
  • Micro-Electron Diffraction
    Micro-electron diffraction (MicroED) is an evolving technique that uses nano-crystalline powders to determine the 3D structures of small molecules and proteins.
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