Protein X-Ray crystallography

An expert service: two decades of experience

Crystal gallery
Structure determination of targets in our gallery.
Full gallery upon request.
1-3 months.
Published structures
Reproduction of literature.
1-3 months.
De novo structure determination
  • Finding the optimum construct
  • Sequence alignment with homologues
  • Secondary structure and domain preditions
  • Design of multiple constructs
  • Experimental phasing
3-6 months.

Key aspects of NovAliX know-how and capabilities:

  • Broad and diverse crystal gallery
    Kinases, nuclear receptors, phosphodiesterases, proteases, viral proteins, protein protein interaction (PPI) targets , epigenetic and membrane proteins
  • Full protein gallery list sent upon request
  • 600+ crystal structures solved for more than 130 different proteins (excluding mutants or variants)
  • Support for structure-based drug design (SBDD)
  • Monthly privileged access to SOLEIL synchrotron for data collection
  • Optimized high throughput crystallization workflow

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