In vitro pharmacology

Customized biochemical and cellular assay development and compound screening

Access a broad range of biochemical and cellular assays from assay development to automation (MTS, HTS or HCS) using a large variety of detection technologies (Luminescence, Absorbance, Fluorescence, FRET, BRET, FP, confocal microscopy).

Biochemical assays:

– Enzymatic assays: kinases, epigenetic enzymes, nucleotide exchange factors
– Fluorescence quenching experiments
– Fluorescence polarization assay

Cellular assays:

– Second messengers: AMPc, Ca2+, IP1, β-arrestin recruitment, phosphorylation (ERK, Akt…)
– Stable/transient transfection
– Reporter gene based assay
– Protein interaction/localization: NanoBRET, Receptor internalization
– Cell death: Apoptosis, senescence, autophagy, cell cycle Migration/invasion
– Co-cultures
– Drug combinations
– Phenotypic assays

If needed, we can generate the appropriate cellular model by engineering recombinant cell lines, differentiating iPSC derived cells, isolating and cultivating primary cells.

We can address different types of modalities: small molecules (tyrosine kinase inhibitors, checkpoint inhibitors), natural compounds, mAbs, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), small molecule drug conjugates (SMDCs), and siRNA.

Therapeutic areas: oncology, immuno-oncology, immunology, inflammation, neurological diseases, rare diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

With a state of the art expertise in oncology and GPCRs, team members have more than 20 years of experience in pharma companies understanding the specific needs, goals and challenges our clients face. Our experts can also advise on the most adequate assays to develop and ensure the highest chance of success.

Close collaboration with our clients ensures all decisions are taken in an optimal manner.

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