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Cryo-EM Services: Over the past few years, Cryo-EM has been developed as a complementary tool to protein X-ray crystallography to solve difficult protein structures, such as multi-protein complexes, membrane proteins and antibodies, and is now used to support structure-based drug design projects.

In 2016, NovAliX and Thermo Fisher Scientific established a partnership and created a joint cryo-EM facility at NovAliX. Since then, a diverse range of projects have been successfully completed. The laboratory is equipped with a Glacios microscope, with a Falcon 3 detector, phase plate and micro-ED module. Titan Krios microscopes can be accessed as needed through academic partners and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

An efficient workflow supporting pharmaceutical R&D needs and spanning protein production to the delivery of high-resolution structures has been developed over time. Our Cryo-EM services are performed by experienced scientists with complementary skills and divided into three packages:

  • EM Essential: Customized solutions meeting client needs, from negative stain studies to high resolution cryo-EM structures
  • Starter Kit and Explore : Packages include additional theoretical and practical education on cryo-EM.

EM EssentialStarter KitExplore
DescriptionCustomized solutions to meet client needsEssential theoretical and practical introduction to EMInsight into driving cryo-EM to high resolution
ActivitiesFee-for-service or FTE-based projectsObserve sample preparation and performance of EM*Observe your own sample under EM (negative stain / cryo-EM) and understand sample quality requirements for cryo-EM 3D reconstruction
Protein productionObserve your own sample under EM (negative stain / cryo-EM)Opportunity for insight into vitrification and hands-on experience at our premises
Negative stainingSample quality assessment for cryo-EM 3D reconstructionObserve cryo-EM workflow performed on your own sample (aiming for high-resolution 3D reconstruction)
2D class average*Optional
If the sample has the required quality, up to cryo-EM 2D classification
Initial 3D modelLearn cryo-EM basicsLearn cryo-EM theory (via preliminary learning material)
Cryo-EM 3D high resolution structure2 days at our premises

Cryo-EM Services at NovAliX

Denis Zeyer, NovAliX CEO provided an update on the latest news about the NovAliX cryo-EM platform at the 1st NovAliX Virtual Conference “Biophysics in Drug Discovery”, Oct 28th 2020.

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